19-spread picture book
Cat's in the Cradle
illustration based on the song Cat's in the Cradle (Owl City)
illustration based on the song Fireflies (Harry Chapin)
2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards | Top Talent
2020 Red Dot Communication Design Awards
Alice in Wonderlab
Recomposing the Alice story
Baba Yaga & Vasilisa the Beautiful
Slavic Folktale
Oliver Twist
Cover design for the novel
3x3 Illustration Annual No.16 | Merit
2019 Applied Arts Student Awards
Night forest
Children's book story setting
DVD Cover design - friends
Folding Beijing
illustration based on the science fiction Folding Beijing
Concept art - snowscape
Man in the Mask
2017 Cheltenham Illustration Awards
Monkey King in HK Mafia Style
Shape of My Heart
A picture book in 2016
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