Putting Yourself in Perspective
Atlanta Magazine Cover
CDC-Public transportation
2020 Creative Quarterly 59 | Runner-up
Plansponsor - Bells & Whistles
Bells & Whistles section of Plansponsor magazine
Plansponsor cover
illustration on an article about the household wealth difference between employee-owners and non-employee-owners
Plansponsor - Hot off the press
Hot off the Press section of Plansponsor magazine
2020 Communication Arts | Short List
Scientific American-missing microbes
Article: C-Section babies are missing key microbes
Can We Slow Down Time1
illustration based on a NYT article
CDC-Clean syringe
Scientific American-eating disorder
Article: The mindset of eating disorder
Rolling Stone Review -Tori Amos
CDC-School violence
Can We Slow Down Time2
illustration based on a NYT article
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